Monday, March 12, 2012

A Craving Kind of Day

  I could just eat a whole loaf of homemade bread and drink a bottle of coke right now. Not sure why,but considering this has been the first day that has been a struggle I'm not doing to bad. The only way to avoid this is to not have it in the house. No easy access here! Still..almost desparate enough to go looking for it haha!  So I had a suggestion from my friend Amanda that my blog is missing some food ideas. I'm not really the person to ask, my sister Julie is more of the expert in this field but I can certainly share how I am eating right now. I could also be eating way better but I find it difficult with my husband and I both working full time, I'm on night shifts and in constant state of exhaustion with Fenn, our 2 year old running around. So, the things I'm making are quick and simple usually or enough to last a couple of meals. I haven't quite figured out how to meal plan and cook a lot at once and freeze but that's something I want to work on.

 Right now on Favao my morning starts with a smoothie. I'm currently obsessed with the banana/creamed coconut combo. I add a scoop of Favao protein, a banana, raw milk, creamed coconut, coconut oil a few ice cubes and half a tsp of vanilla. While that is mixing I am drinking a glass of Favao fibre in water. The key to these shakes being expecially good for you is the raw milk, pasteurized milk has added horomones amongst other things that can slow my thyroid even more. The coconut fat has so many great benefits and again will assist with my thyroid.

  Other meals I have been eating would be simple roast dinners (chicken, pork, beef) with a choice of any vegetables. I've paired also with mixed greens salad with cubes of cheese and apple and a olive oil and balsamic vinegar (and I'm not talking about a pre packaged vinegarette). Some days I have brown rice sauteed in olive oil with chicken chunks and fried egg. I throw in some Epicure chicken stock, toasted onions and minced garlic. Mostly I think I am just making roast dinners since they are easy and tasty.

  For snacks I have been having fruit, berries or cheese. I also really like the sun rype dried fruit cubes, especially if I'm craving something sweet.

  I am starting to find out what foods are giving me that stuffy allergic reaction. I did kind of cheat one night and had a small bowl of cooked pudding, I ended up having to take allergy medicine and couldn't breathe for the rest of the night. The good thing about testing these things is that when you start to realize what it's like to feel good you don't want the things that make you feel bad anymore. So really, maybe I should have a coke and test that theory lol.

  I have another protein smoothie in the afternoon and at night before bed I have a Favao cleansing tea.

  If anyone has any questions for me or wants more ideas I am happy to share. I don't think my weightloss is as rapid as the first week but I am feeling good and happy with my decision to finally take some control of my life physcially and financially. I have some extra money coming my way due to my new business I am involved in. Both outcomes have been surprising to me and I think its because I just decided one day to get what I want and not let anything stop me!

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's one thing to change you life, it's another to remember to write about it!

Hey folks. I am on day 5 of my lifestyle change at the moment. So far it has been pretty smooth sailing minus the one bad headache I had which I accredited to some sort of gluten withdrawal. I am extremely happy to say I am not having any cravings which I was very surprised about. I'm starting to think that if you are having trouble giving the bootin to gluten you may not be ready to make a change! It took me a few years to even consider trying this. I finally came to these conclusions in my life:
I'm tired of being overweight
I'm tired of not feeling good
I'm tired of not having my thyroid under control
I'm just plain tired, all the time
I want to enjoy the time I spend with my 2 year old, Fenn
I want Fenn to grow up with good eating habits and feeling good too
I want my husband to feel healthy, less tired, less irritable, less depressed ( I think he may actually be celiac)
I want to fit in normal size clothes again so shopping isn't so painful
I want to prove to myself I can have control over my health and weight
Iwant to help my sister in her new gluten free business

and I want to be rich, which has nothing to do with this blog but it's still a conclusion I came too, this statement though hilarious, is actually true

I want to take control of my life and I want to have the things in life I want and this help me reach those goals. I believe I stopped playing music since gaining so much weight because I don't feel comfortable as myself and I don't want people looking at me. I would love to perform again. I think. haha

Anyway that is my babbling for the day if anyone is reading this, hopefully you will consider the things in your life you could make better by becoming healthier and decide if you are ready to feel good too. Which by the way, I feel pretty good so far :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 3 of mostly gluten free

   Day three of being nearly gluten free, I was trying and for the most part am, just realized some things I was eating have a 'may contain' warning on them. I am currently being rewarded with a huge headache but I'm actually ok with that because it's making me feel like something is working atleast. I'm pretty sure I will stick to this to see what happens because I would really like to lose weight, stop being stuffy all the time and get rid of my allergies and many other ailments haha. I would also like to see if it has an effect on my hypo thyroid which I have unsuccessfully medicated for the past 10 years.

  In addition to going gluten free I've also decided life is to short to not be rich. I am calling it my Rich and Skinny club. You can take part or sit back and watch and wish you would have haha! I know people are just waiting to see how it goes for me but that never made you RICH or SKINNY! lol

Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Can't Make Me!

  Ok, so I'm REALLY reluctant to do this, BUT, I have come to the conclusion that gluten, sugar and I may not actually be friends. Part of me secretly hopes I give it all up and feel no different so I can go back to my old ways and part of me really hopes I feel a million times better, get my thyroid under control, lose weight, form healthy eating habits for my toddler and help my husband not feel sick all the time.

  Follow me on my journey, and trust me, if I can do this than anyone can, so read the blog and see how I am progressing. I have recruited my friend Rachel who also wants to feel good to come on this journey so we can support each other, make meals together and share recipes on the blog. I am extremely skeptical of any non glutened/sugared food tasting good even though my sister and her family have been living this lifestyle for a while now and her food tastes good. I am also not making any promises that I won't relapse or occasionally eat whatever I want so don't judge me. I am not trying to be an example for anyone just wanting to see if an everyday person can give up something that appears in almost everything we eat for the sake of my health.

  Wish me luck cause I'm gonna friggin need it.