Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Can't Make Me!

  Ok, so I'm REALLY reluctant to do this, BUT, I have come to the conclusion that gluten, sugar and I may not actually be friends. Part of me secretly hopes I give it all up and feel no different so I can go back to my old ways and part of me really hopes I feel a million times better, get my thyroid under control, lose weight, form healthy eating habits for my toddler and help my husband not feel sick all the time.

  Follow me on my journey, and trust me, if I can do this than anyone can, so read the blog and see how I am progressing. I have recruited my friend Rachel who also wants to feel good to come on this journey so we can support each other, make meals together and share recipes on the blog. I am extremely skeptical of any non glutened/sugared food tasting good even though my sister and her family have been living this lifestyle for a while now and her food tastes good. I am also not making any promises that I won't relapse or occasionally eat whatever I want so don't judge me. I am not trying to be an example for anyone just wanting to see if an everyday person can give up something that appears in almost everything we eat for the sake of my health.

  Wish me luck cause I'm gonna friggin need it.