Monday, March 12, 2012

A Craving Kind of Day

  I could just eat a whole loaf of homemade bread and drink a bottle of coke right now. Not sure why,but considering this has been the first day that has been a struggle I'm not doing to bad. The only way to avoid this is to not have it in the house. No easy access here! Still..almost desparate enough to go looking for it haha!  So I had a suggestion from my friend Amanda that my blog is missing some food ideas. I'm not really the person to ask, my sister Julie is more of the expert in this field but I can certainly share how I am eating right now. I could also be eating way better but I find it difficult with my husband and I both working full time, I'm on night shifts and in constant state of exhaustion with Fenn, our 2 year old running around. So, the things I'm making are quick and simple usually or enough to last a couple of meals. I haven't quite figured out how to meal plan and cook a lot at once and freeze but that's something I want to work on.

 Right now on Favao my morning starts with a smoothie. I'm currently obsessed with the banana/creamed coconut combo. I add a scoop of Favao protein, a banana, raw milk, creamed coconut, coconut oil a few ice cubes and half a tsp of vanilla. While that is mixing I am drinking a glass of Favao fibre in water. The key to these shakes being expecially good for you is the raw milk, pasteurized milk has added horomones amongst other things that can slow my thyroid even more. The coconut fat has so many great benefits and again will assist with my thyroid.

  Other meals I have been eating would be simple roast dinners (chicken, pork, beef) with a choice of any vegetables. I've paired also with mixed greens salad with cubes of cheese and apple and a olive oil and balsamic vinegar (and I'm not talking about a pre packaged vinegarette). Some days I have brown rice sauteed in olive oil with chicken chunks and fried egg. I throw in some Epicure chicken stock, toasted onions and minced garlic. Mostly I think I am just making roast dinners since they are easy and tasty.

  For snacks I have been having fruit, berries or cheese. I also really like the sun rype dried fruit cubes, especially if I'm craving something sweet.

  I am starting to find out what foods are giving me that stuffy allergic reaction. I did kind of cheat one night and had a small bowl of cooked pudding, I ended up having to take allergy medicine and couldn't breathe for the rest of the night. The good thing about testing these things is that when you start to realize what it's like to feel good you don't want the things that make you feel bad anymore. So really, maybe I should have a coke and test that theory lol.

  I have another protein smoothie in the afternoon and at night before bed I have a Favao cleansing tea.

  If anyone has any questions for me or wants more ideas I am happy to share. I don't think my weightloss is as rapid as the first week but I am feeling good and happy with my decision to finally take some control of my life physcially and financially. I have some extra money coming my way due to my new business I am involved in. Both outcomes have been surprising to me and I think its because I just decided one day to get what I want and not let anything stop me!